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Brand Building, Message Shaping, Visual Communication.


It is important for us to work with smart and like-minded colleagues as friends. Together we put all of our creativity, professionalism, passion, and commitment into each and every project.


We guarantee high quality work at fair prices. Our clients benefit from our expertise gained through our numerous years of work at the highest levels of the international film and television production industry. No matter what you need: production, editorial services, or film shoots - we will customize our services to provide you with everything you request and more!

Our portfolio

Finally Vacation
short film 2020

The short film "Finally Vacation" - written and directed by our Thomas J. Hauck, with Director of Photography Christina Schmölz, sound recording by Thomas Osl, produced by Sonja Pojer and Judit Stassak - was filmed in 2019. Our world premiere took place in October 2020 at the International Children's Film Festival Schlingel in Chemnitz, Germany.

The short film is available through www.eduflat.de for educational organizations. Contact us directly for any further licensing requests.

Nostalgia Portrait
Your company history visualized

Numbers, data, facts – Business in Austria
56,000 businesses in Austria will be passed-on or taken over in the next 10 years. That is 28% of all businesses in the industrial economy with 400.000 jobs. 

Memories for eternity
In our very fast-moving times we would like to honour the generations before us who have been working hard and with great foresight to ensure the economic welfare of today's society.
With our intimate team of professionals, we will help you to craft your history visually and preserve the story in meaningful moving images for future generations.

Image Video

Image videos have become the most important part of a company's advertising toolkit. We help you to visually communicate your range of products/services and customer values in a way that speaks directly to your audience. Social Media clips are of course part of our offer, as well. Authenticity is our priority. Your customers will get to know you and your product/service in the most impactful and memorable way.

Educational and instructional video

High-Quality. Memorable. Direct. Practical. Valuable. 

E-learning got a big boost due to the corona pandemic. Most educational institutions, universities, and schools have optimized or expanded their repertoire accordingly.
When you survey the e-learning landscape, it’s clear that quality varies widely. Our experience shows that even people who give in-person presentations every day can be camera-shy. We work with you to create your individual learning concept and prepare your lecturers for the perfect on-camera appearance. We will always create the content in the most sustainable way for you to use.

These videos will make learning easier for your students, participants, and employees. 
We are proud of our work with the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, for whom we created video coursework for the accounting program within the MBA in Social Work.

Do you have recurring content such as security measures or process flows? Written memos are often just skimmed over, and many people retain more information when they can watch and listen to it. A video saves you valuable explanatory time that you can then spend focusing on other important aspects of your business. 

Employer branding

Put your company in the limelight and address the applicants you would like to attract. A professional employer branding video makes all the difference.

Kufstein University of Applied Sciences (2020-2021):  www.fh-kufstein.ac.at
- Video on teaching & research
- Video on the professional field of scientific collaboration
- Video on the professional field of service & administration
- Video for the business management course